LSOF Poetry: Psalm 73:26 ” My Enough, is Enough”

This is a poem I wrote last night before bed.
When memorizing scripture

Psalm 73:26
” My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is my strength of my heart,
and my portion forever.”

; to me it is sometimes like taking in salt water. You are swimming in the ocean, waist deep; you turn to talk to your friend, and then turn back and you are slapped in the face, by a HUGE wave. Not only slapped in the face, but taken in a whole gallon of salt water…that’s what its like, the poem is something I never expect once I start memorizing.
Its HIS way I think of me ” getting it”. Hope it helps you too!

My Enough, is Enough
By: Angie Sarich

In my humanskin
I can be a fool,
Falling for things of pleasure and
Free will.
My mind, and my heart,
Have walls at their boundary lines;
They cannot easily communicate.
The city of Emotion
Keeps logic under glass.
But He breathes Spirit through me,
I’m taken to my knees,
He refreshes me,
He renews me
Breaking away, piece by piece…
The useless thoughts
that burn inside my mind.
He brings my eyes
To focus on blue skies.
I place my hand to the ground,
and grasp a portion of Earth.
This is me.
In the palm of His hand.
A mere sand crystal,
that He knows by name.
He is my Enough,

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