LSOF: The World of Siestaville

I mention here and there about these ladies, but I don’t believe I have really taken the time to share my heart about them with you:) Some are from the LPM blog, and some I have met along the way.
They are all near and dear to me!

I started blogging in April 2006.  I was told it would be a good outlet for me.  Little did I know, blogworld would become one of my most treasured places. Its as if I get on the computer and travel to a seperate continent from the rest of the world entirely!

At first, I just blogged my own words here and there, and didn’t really venture out to any other places.

I was a reader of Living Proof Ministries message board, and one day Amanda Jones talked about starting a blog, and I started to read it; would leave comments here and there.

I would have random comments on my blog every now and then, but when I started to comment at LPM, I would never have know that I would soon be lost in a wonderful community of Siestaville:)

It is now Febuary 2009, and I left a comment about Scripture memorization on the blog yesterday, and as I read the blog comments, it was amazing to see 2000 some people commenting about their memorization of scripture:)

Some siestas who have become near and dear to me, and you’ll find on my blogroll:)

mandy, Tam,Jenny , Jan, Abby,Shelly, Lindsee, Jackie, AngelaDeb, Jamie, Janice, Darla, Faith…and SO many more! These girls are just the veteran siestas:) Who have been apart of my life since 2006-2009!

But its not just that, though I love the LPM blog, I have made friends outside of it:)

Cathi Stegall, Cady, rachel, Noreaster, Brent…and more:)

But I just wanted to write a post mostly to share that blogworld is a good place, you can see sometimes it is used for a place of debate, but mostly, you will find it is a place where people can connect who would have never had the means to do so right away.

I treasure these people, they are imaginary friends in a sense, but when you finally talk to them on the phone, and hear what their voice sounds like…it is like biting into some heavy cheesecake…its amazing, and you are left with a huge smile on your face…because another piece of that puzzle of what you wanted to know about them, revealed:)

I got to talk to Cathi Stegall the other day on the phone, and it was CRAZY, because I had never heard her voice except for a vid Mandy made, but it was amazing to really have a conversation with my imaginary friend, who no longer was imaginary:) She has a voice!

I have met some siestas at events too, and it was AWESOME to see them in person! Georgia Jan, Jamie, and Janice are lovely people, and because of blogworld, it was as if we were not strangers at all:)

Its a beautiful place, and if you are new to blogland, do stay awhile, because I promise you…it is worth it!

Much love,



3 thoughts on “LSOF: The World of Siestaville

  1. yes, blogland is wonderful. I’ve been missing it alot these days with so much going on in my life. I haven’t had near the time to visit all my blog friends and hear them share their hearts and their lives. But I’m so glad to have blog friends like you. 🙂

  2. I think you were one of the first siestas to talk to me! I always love reading your thoughts and knowing that I have a sister in Christ, that even tho the miles are far apart, we rejoice in the same things, we struggle with the same things, and love the same Jesus! totally cool!! love you ang!

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