LSOF: ” Knees to the Earth”

This is an amazing song by Watermark that I was listening to on Good Friday…this Easter was a big one for me.


I just finished watching ” Believing God”- You are Who God says you are…”
MAN, seriously, that was a rough session.
Its hard to take in. And when Beth Moore was speaking to her mentor out in the audience,
it made me think of mine.
I am tired y’all so for now, I’ll just leave these pics.

I have some pictures I want to share that I took with two of my favorite Godly women:)

The first one is Debbie and I; She is my Pastor’s wife, spiritual mentor and one of the dearest friends I have in my life. If she says she’ll pray about something…I KNOW she will. She is devoted to her God,
and her family. She’s taught me pretty much everything I know about the hope we have in Jesus:)

Easter Sunday 2009[

The next picture is of my old youth counselor, and friend Kim. She taught me my first bible verse,
James 1:19 ” Be quick to listen and slow to speak.” she is an awesome person who loves her God,
and gives everything of her energy and talents to Him on a daily basis. I am proud to know her:)

Easter Sunday 2009

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