LSOF: Poetry ~Quiet Angels~

I wrote this poem for my math teacher, Natalie Weaver.
She has gone above and beyond any teacher I’ve ever had,
and I just wanted to give her something to let her know
she appreciated:)

Quiet Angels

 Some people that come into our lives

Change our entire outlook on the world

And ourselves.

These people breathe

strength and sustenance into us

Sometimes by just giving a simple word of


They teach us to stand, for everything we believe in

And let it magnify tenfold.

Sometimes by just being around them,

The story of our day takes a whole new chapter.

We see more of who we could become,

And what knowledge we can attain.

It’s quite something to imagine where these people

develop these qualities

Perhaps they fell from the sky,

Perhaps within a whisper in the wind,

Or maybe, just maybe,

They came from a source well known to them,

To which they now bare the name,

A teacher.


~Angela M. Sarich

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