LSOF: To see deeper…

“Take a good look, friends, at who you were when you got called into this life. I don’t see many of “the brightest and the best” among you, not many influential, not many from high-society families. Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks and exploits and abuses, chose these “nobodies” to expose the hollow pretensions of the “somebodies”? That makes it quite clear that none of you can get by with blowing your own horn before God. Everything that we have—right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start—comes from God by way of Jesus Christ. That’s why we have the saying, “If you’re going to blow a horn, blow a trumpet for God.”
(1 Corinthians 1:26)THE MESSAGE

I was thinking about something last night. I am going to be 29 years old in November, but I don’t think my age has much to do with my life direction.
I think it has everything to do with the pull of God.

I mean I am not someone who has the highest degree, or that is really all that influential to others; but yet God is using me.

I sometimes read through posts, or poems that I write and read them more than once, trying to get the sense that those words came out of me…but from some unknown source.

So the verse above explains me so very well. I was a nobody, who God saw at a very young age had the ” desire” to go after the deeper things this life has to offer.
To see deeper.

When I look at a tree, I don’t just see a tree; I see the etchings of what has happened to the tree overtime, I see the direction of the branches, the way the trunk of the tree leans towards, and picture the wind that made it fall to such a way. I see the birds visit the branches, and how high they choose to stand from. I see the weak parts of the tree to the strongest, I see the leaves that are dying, and the ones that just begin. And even though I cannot see the roots under the ground, I picture how they might tangle through the earth.

I see people often in a similar way. I see their eyes, and I wonder of the story of their life, I wonder what I would find had I opened up their mind and took a peek on the inside.
I wonder of their heart; I wonder of all the things they have seen in life, and pain and the joys. I wonder of their feet, I wonder what life the shoes they walk in have taken them, I wonder every step. Their voice, I wonder if it has gotten deeper overtime, and at what point. Their face expressions, I wonder what makes them smile, and what makes them frown, and I wonder if the day had already brought them to either place.
I wonder of their past, I wonder of the influences in their life, I wonder of the morals and values instilled in them, and I wonder if they carry peace in their back pocket.
I wonder of how often they’ve been sick, and how humble they are to others if I had never spoken to them face to face. I wonder what value love, grace, and mercy have to their lives, I wonder if they love God, or if they have their own way of living their lives, unsure.
I wonder if who they are and what they are about has completely been influenced by their surroundings, or if perhaps it has come natural to them. I wonder of the words spoken to them by those they love, and what kinds of things they were told. I wonder what cloud formations they have seen in the sky, the the constellation of stars their eyes have gazed upon. I wonder if they have journeyed to a place I have never been, and I wonder of the things they have seen. I wonder of their education, and passions in life…
I do my best to see them…the way they really should be seen.

So thinking about God for a moment, knowing He knows all those answers to the things I wonder…I wonder what truly brings emotion to His face. I wonder if He truly has planned out everything that we do in life. I wonder if He might leave room to truly see how we will handle a situation or circumstance.

Yes, He knows the plans He has for us…but what about the middle, is their something He is waiting to see what we will do with it?

Something to think about:)
Sorry my thoughts are quite deep this morning:)


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