LSOF: Scripture Memorization #18


I chose this verse, because I have been learning a lot of what it is to be the ” branch” within the ” vine” which
can be found in John 15. But more so it was just so important that I found a scripture that repeated the same sort of tone to my heart.

This is the verse meant for us 20 somethings who are almost 30 somethings:) Because a couple verses below sort of start out,
” Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young.” YEA, I no longer fit into that verse:)

So anyway, as I was saying it is really important once you know that you are bearing fruit, that you learn how to keep it growing and flourishing.

I got to meet with a very special friend I haven’t seen in almost 2 yrs today. And in conversation, I had realized how much of a jump God has taken me since my falling into the pit about a year ago.

I remember very much what Priscilla Shirer was saying about God, ” Sometimes He speaks, but we don’t know it until after.”
OH that is So true!

I love this verse though because it speaks first about training ourselves to be Godly and not going by any other avenue. Things such as ” new age” stuff. While this stuff may make us feel ” enlightened” for a few days, it DOES where off and the issue that we had before within in ourselves, or around us comes back with more force then before.

I have been on a roundabout with this. ” Self-help” should be a warning to you when you go into that book section;
think of it as saying, ” You can help yourself before ever turning to this section for help.” Self- help deals with the status quo,
how things have always been ” known” to be done. The message is usually always close to the same.

” You can have a better life if you do this, You can have a better job if you do this, You can have the love of your life walk through your door if you do this…”

Something you should know, something that makes faith so much different from ” Self-help”…God doesn’t have any conditions in place for us.

You will never hear Him say, ” I will love you if you do this..” He already loves us, He already knows the plans He has for us.
I am very certain of that.

Its important to always be real with yourself. Who cares what kind of ” issues” you have.

Embrace your imperfections, because it means that God is still working on you.

He is our gardner, He is lifting us up bit by bit out of our pits, and setting us on a better foundation to grow.

I’d rather Him be the one in charge of how I ” should” grow then myself.

Besides, I don’t think I could ever create the world in 7 days…probably if given the choice I would mess it up at the first try!

And I am okay in saying that!

Grow to love Him more!

2 thoughts on “LSOF: Scripture Memorization #18

  1. like in Isa where it talks about the guy that uses some of the wood to build a fire and cookes his food and feeds himself and then take the rest of the wood and builds an idol to worship…..think about that one…..

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