LSOF: The Faith Storm Part 2- ” Gone with the wind”


Out of the stillness, the trees start to dance. Sway back and forth. You can smile now, because the wind has returned,
and God is moving!

Something that you notice though…the branches of the trees start to crack and whistle. And all around its like a symphony of a breaking tree limbs.

The wind has changed direction.

I wonder if maybe you are in the ” eye of the storm” stage, and I wonder how you might be handling it.
Are you believing He will get you through, are you believing that He knows what is best out of the situation?

I hope that my story has encouraged you, because the next part will blow your mind as it has completely for me.

I will begin by saying, I’ve posted about ” Spiritual vs. Earthly timeline” and how there is the whole other part we don’t realize is happening in the background of our life, but we concentrate so much on the earthly.

Here is my timeline for ya:

I got a blessing in the mail—>I went to Deeper Still and met Beth Moore:)—>I received a class grade for all the effort and not the intelligence—>I went to Savannah and got to spend sometime with great friends…

OKAY, the next part is where it gets crazier.

I have been praying to God about showing me what the next step is. I knew it in my heart that He wanted me to leave FL, but I wasn’t quite sure where. So I had it on my heart that He wanted me in Savannah…I wasn’t sure.

While I was in Savannah, I needed to attend a church service. Nicole and I found a church locally that seemed to be a religion I was used to. We walk in, we sit down..and um, realized we were a little different.
The music was amazing, but the message…not the best.

The Pastor was supposed to be speaking on Joshua 4, ” If these stones could talk, what would they say?” well,
without going into it, I’ll just say I had five sentences of message notes…and the Word wasn’t mentioned for an hour in a half!
I ended up walking out.

I walked into the CVS and I was there to get a drink, noticed the line was insanely long.
So before I walked out the door I stopped and decided I would give my name to the manager there,
” I am a manager at the store in FL, and will eventually be looking to transfer maybe up here
if anything should come available in a few months or so.”
The girl took my name and said sweetly, ” We will keep you in mind if anything should come up.”
Nicole and I then left and proceeded to a coffee shop.(as if that should shock you.)

I went home got on the computer and decided if I could hear something good
Beth Moore would have a message on,
I put the most recent message on the player and listened.
Beth began speaking on Joshua 3 and 4! I am NOT joking.

” God is going to take you to a place you might not be ready to go yet, but you must go. Have courage”

I didn’t really know why, but I began crying, something in my spirit felt God moving, and I wasn’t sure what He was going to do.

I got a phone call the next morning as I was watching Joyce Meyer, she was talking about ” Do it scared.”

It was a store manager at another CVS. He had contacted the store I dropped my name off at, and said his manager had given notice and wondered if they knew of anyone. The girl I had spoken to that day had given him my name.
And that He would like to meet with me.

I got off the phone with..” What was that?” to Nicole. She and I laughed our heads off..could this be for real?

It WAS for real…and I did meet with him, and I leave to move my state of FL…and move to Savannah Georgia,
in 9 days!

Everything is falling into place so this can happen..

I almost can’t finish this post, because the tears are welling up in my eyes…

God heard my prayers. He answered me. He said ” I want you to go to Savannah, Angie.”

So here I go, I am packing up, and I am moving away from everyone I know and love! and I am moving to a state to friends that I met in 2001 and I would never thought would still be in my life today…

It was all part of His plan..

It was always apart of His plan…

He is amazing.

And on a side note, I saw ” Life Today” this morning, and Beth is talking on Psalm 139…” I am fully known”
and I loved it!

Love you all.

One thought on “LSOF: The Faith Storm Part 2- ” Gone with the wind”

  1. Hi,

    Enjoyed your above post…Our Lord Jesus is amazing and I am amazed that He is with us..Thanks be to God.

    We pray and we believe that your work in Savannah, Georgia will be good..

    God’ Blessings are always with, both our Christian Sisters and Brothers.

    God’s Love be with you!

    Thanks for your writing and we will look for your new posts.

    Rev. Phil Edwards

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