LSOF: A Mother’s Day Post..but not your average…

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I am pulling out this post from the archive last summer. It’s about the time mom was in the hospital.

This Mother’s Day is probably more important now then it has ever been in my life. She’s a tough one. She drives me crazy sometimes, but she’s my mom. And though its been hard to have a mom with an illness all these years, I don’t think
I would have wanted my life any other way. She inspires me to do better, and sometimes that drives me crazy too:)
She is just the sort of person that lives for the day she’s in. At times, I often forget to do that myself!

So appreciate your moms today. Love them with everything you are, no matter how tough it is.
Jesus loves you, and He will help you love her.

I am pretty sure its Biblical:)

I am leaving you with a video she told me reminds her of me:


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