LSOF: Just a glimpse…

I am sure you’ve heard, ” Everything happens for a reason”, or ” Nothing is coincidence”….
well, have you ever looked a little deeper?

I really love looking back and examining the timelines of things that happened in my life,
the good, and not so good. I do it, because I then can see where the “results” came about.

I think of a baby. How the process of them growing up goes. First, they just lay on their back
and can’t do much else, then they start to crawl…but before they start walking,
they learn to stand up on their own. Then they take those first few steps, and fall.
Of course they eventually do learn how to walk after many times of falling.

I was having a conversation with a loved one last night about how I’ve seen the “process” of
how God has orchestrated things in my life.
He did everything for a “greater” purpose. Everything has its step.

I very much believe God moved me to Savannah for a short time to “show” my heart things
I may have neglected before about who I was, and others.
I believe He brought me there to make me face myself, and change in my heart what needed changing.
I believe I was there to get to know people that were not people who I was raised knowing,
and sometimes i think its important to have the “spread the wings” thing happen, because you
have no other influence, just fresh perspective.

God moved me back to FL after being in Savannah 6 months. I wasn’t thrown out of there, it came down
to the decision that had to be made when I was down to two hundered dollars.
I started off with a job with a company I transfered from FL with. It ended up being the worst position I ever
had, and I took a leap of faith, and I left it. I left everything. I left my financial stability.
I had to just trust that God knew better. I know He truly does.

I am walking into a time of transition for others though, whether its work, or being moved
to another area…I am watching them go through what I went through.
And in a strange way, I feel like God is saying to me, ” You know what they are going through,
and you need to be there for them.”

Its scary to just take those little leaps of faith, but in the true timeline of things, even when things
dont’ seem to work out the way they seem they should, I think if we take sometime to look back at
how many times God has done something in us, or with us for a short time, only when we were faced
with the similar that it was amazing in result.

We should think of our timeline like a sundial, when its overcast, the sun isn’t shining we aren’t
quite sure we know the “time” of things, but if we look up into the sky, we can sometimes see a ray of sun shining
through. This helps us know that though we aren’t sure what is about to happen next,
the sun is still shining, therefore the time will come when we know what it is we have to do,
we just have to let the clouds take time to go by.

And when they finally do, we are going to be blinded by the light:)

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