LSOF: Kate Carlson- ” Radiant”

I would like to introduce an amazing music artist to you today.

We are called to shine.
We are called to be people who love.
We are called to help others experience freedom.

Kate Carlson is a twenty-something-sweet girl who lives the title of her cd, “Radiant”, and her heart’s cry to help others experience what it is to be set free.

I first met her through social networking, and one day I just got a message that said,
” We should be real friends.”
I can tell you that is how Kate is, she loves on people, she wants to make them smile…
she understands what its like to live a life where you feel so pushed up against the wall with worry,
and anxieties of life.

Her sound could definitely be influenced by such artists as: Crystal Lewis, Nichole Nordeman and Natalie Grant.

Kate is the songwriter on two tracks, ” You are able”, and ” Saving One.”

” You are able”- Such a powerful song about how ” ABLE” God is through all things and
circumstances, that He really can take us through anything.

” Saving One” – Its about how we need to remind ourselves daily that Jesus died for us,
and that our lives need to show it!

Other songs that are just are phenomenally performed by Kate:

” How Marvelous”, ” Desert Song” , and ” Revelation Song ”

I recently interviewed Kate Carlson on the story behind the cd:

Where did “Radiant” come from?

My prayer for this album was that it would reach the women who came to,
” Imagine me, Set Free.”
We talk about freedom in Christ and how to apply and receive it.
My passion behind this, was to give women a new song in their heart.
And Psalm 34 kind of became my stepping stone.
” Those who come to Him are RADIANT with joy, their faces will never
be ashamed.”

All of the songs on the album speak of the love, the power, and the freedom of Christ.
And God gave me Psalm 34:5; that when we let go and walk forward He makes us
“radiate” Him and we are FREE!

What song speaks most to you on the album?

” You are able”, it says:
” You were, you are, and you will be. You never once abandoned me.”

It mystifies me that a God SO powerful is that interested in me.
That He is my ALWAYS. I am so small and insignificant.
I mess up constantly and He still surrounds me
with His grace.

Knowing all those truths fill me with confidence and humility at the same time.

I love that song too! Its just so hard to comprehend that love He has for us, thanks
Kate for being passionate about the message of freedom…its a beautiful message!

Kate Carlson, ” Radiant” is available online now:
Kate Carlson’s Blog
where there is a link to purchase the album or tracks.
Also check out her facebook fan page
Kate Carlson Music Page
Sound bite: Havery Studios Page…
left sidebar you’ll find Kate


8 thoughts on “LSOF: Kate Carlson- ” Radiant”

  1. I’ve never got to meet Kate Carlson, but when she and her Momma were hung up in Denver not to long ago due to weather, I became interested in them because Miss Holly drove to spend some time with them.

    Would be thrilled to win this cd!


    PS: Thank you for offering this!

  2. The Journey Continues ~

    What an inspiration to read your UPLIFTING blog.
    I would love to win Kate Carlson new cd.
    Count me in!! 🙂

    You are such a joy and blessing to us!!!
    (((( HUGS )))))
    With “Heaven Bound” blessings,
    Kim in California

  3. Greetings dear one!

    Thank you kindly for introducing me to Kate – Wow – what anointed worship! Kate rocks on How Marvelous. My spirit just resounds with the line Kate sang: “when you raise your hand the storms of life subside” and also “all I am for all You are, single wounds and take these scars…”

    Blessings to you!

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