LSOF: Beg, Steal, and Borrow: Joy

” I’m naturally a pretty joyful person, and I thank God for that, because regardless
of what I’ve been through, I was able to remind myself of the joy within me.”

These are words paraphrased similar to what Tammy Trent spoke yesterday being interviewed by a
TV show.

I don’t know if you have heard of her, but she is a Christian music artist, who lost her husband
on September 11, 2001. She was in Jamaica with her husband Trent on vacation. He went out
on a deep sea dive, and somehow died. I remember when it happen, because no one could get to
her from her family.
I actually met Tammy Trent when I was working with Youth Explosion For Christ.
My friend Ashley and I sat down and we all prayed together. I remember Trent too, he
was such a nice guy.
What I admire about her through everything she went through, she never did let it steal her joy.
She pushed through her pain, and went on tour with Women Of Faith for 4 yrs, and wrote two books,
and still made sure she praised God everyday.
She also was in the video, ” I can only imagine” with a picture of Trent.

I am sharing this story, because it is the introduction to my 3-part blog post series on how the world
can try to “Beg, Steal, and Borrow” our joy.

My hope is that we will learn how to be aware to when it happens, and be prepared on knowing
how to keep it from happening.

For the moment though, please enjoy this video and have a wonderful day!

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