LSOF: Status Quo Part 1- Social Networking

What is the definition of ” Status Quo”…means to “keep things as they are.”

We are meant to move forward.

However, I believe that due to “online” relationships that it has become much easier to knock our “insecurities” up a level, because we never know how something will come out on an email, we don’t know if the comment was well-received on Facebook, we don’t know if we should or should not “retweet” what someone said in fear of offending someonelse.

But the bigger factor is this is the insecurity of “rejection.” It has become huge in the online world.

I have been apart of the social networking scene for sometime now. And something moving on my heart lately is,
” Why do we care who is or is not following us on Twitter….and why do we care if someone is or is not our friend on

I mean it comes down to the reasoning that these places our just like blogging…people do or don’t leave comments…


I am sharing this with you, because its something my own heart has been fighting. I have been apart of a blog community online, where I know and love a lot of the people there. However, while there are some that have friended me on Facebook, while I see they have 2,000 + some friends, or if they start following me on Twitter and I see 10,000 some followers…

I see that there is a problem.

Do they really want to be my friend, do they really want to follow me…or is it all for them…and their “status”?

I mean this may seem pretty harsh, but aren’t we allowing social networking to “falsely” show what friendships are really about, what networking is about? And knowing that, do we allow these relationships to define our everyday ones?

Somethingelse. I had a friend who said it a while back,
” I don’t understand how you can have 15,000 followers, but only follow 5.”

This person is pretty well known, and they are right. If you are someone that can’t handle talking to more than 5 people, then why are you on Twitter in the first place. You don’t get to see what others lives our like who write you, only to you…
which in a way sort of puts you on a “pedestal”, because the attention is on you only.

Does that make any sense?

So after all this jarble about social networking, I have to ask you…allowing these things to be huge in our lives…are they helping us move forward or keeping us exactly where we are.

I just did a mass deletion on Twitter, because I went to message someone and saw they were no longer following me, but I also haven’t talked to this person in quite awhile, so rather than freak out and feel that insecurity of rejection, I just stopped following them.

I also just decided that I would only follow those I actually have had conversations with…makes sense.

I don’t need to follow the world….I need to follow Jesus.

Follow hard after Him.

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