LSOF: Masterpiece

I was listening to Nichole Nordeman last night. I absolutely adore her music. I mean her thoughts are so where I’ve found myself so many times. I love her honesty about questioning things about God, and just her way of approaching the “bigger picture” of faith. I think if I were to think about it; she is probably a lot of the reason I’ve learned to be so “gentle” about talking to people about God.
Many times God has reminded me how important it is to remember hitting “rock bottom,” that we must remain humble and realize the reason we stand today has nothing to do with us AT ALL. We made the choice for Him to pick us up off the ground.

Life is rough, it is really rough sometimes. I mean it breaks my heart to watch those around me, and the world struggle.
When I see the world, though there is beauty around us…the bigger picture shows a much darker edge.

Neglect. Pain. Sorrow. Hate. Poverty. Jealousy. Immorality. The fallen. The lost. Jaded. Broken. Ashamed. Guilt-driven.
Hurt. Grief. Discontent. Cynics. Abuse. Addiction. Unforgiveness….

I wonder if you can look at each of these words, and a picture comes to your mind. A memory. Something so far deep inside your mind, that if you even look at the word…you start to cry.

I was reading Ephesians 2:10 (NLT):
For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,
so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

And I started to vision something. I visioned what God’s home would look like. I don’t mean heaven, I mean in a metaphorical sense.

In his home, what if we were all pieces of art. Some of us covering the walls, and some of us on a coffee table maybe, or
a shelf…and I also thought of how “far” in the room we would be from where God might sit down.
I also thought of how would He “choose” where to place us in the room?

I don’t know if you remember ” Return To Oz,” but there is apart in the movie where Dorothy is given a few choices as to where the Scarecrow might be inside this room full of all kinds of art pieces.
She finally realizes on her last choice that the emerald object is the scarecrow.

I wonder if we were pieces of art how “memorable” we would be?
Would our lives have been lived with such a legacy that we would be placed where “guests” could see
us when they came to visit? Or would the wall paper shine brighter than us?

I think it comes down to how we choose to live our lives? We’ve all had a rough journey in life no matter who you are, or where you come from, but what is the impression we would leave if we were to die today?

Everyday should be a chance to write more of the story of our legacy, every moment we should make that choice and try to think if what we do will affect how we are seen years from now?

I’ve made mistakes, a lot of mistakes in my life. But I don’t focus on what I did, or what happen to me…as much as I focus on what I can do now, and what I’ve learned from the past.

I know that I have a responsibilty to be true to who God called me to be, and if that means I “miss out” on what the world has for me, then in all honesty I am totally fine with it.

This world in temporary, and I am not going to concentrate so much on the darkness that was in my life, same as I won’t concentrate on others’ darkness in their life.

We need to start learning to take the journey boldly in throwing back our past in the face of where it came from and letting our present affect who we are today.

Our past is apart of us, it always will be…but it is not us.

Who we are, and we need to remember. We are a piece of art in God’s heart. He paints us, He wipes the smudges, and He starts with a new white slate everytime…

We are His art. His love is our color.

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