LSOF: The Awakening

I love the story of the day.
When the sun suddenly washes away the darkness from the sky, and the clouds are lit in such an orchestra of color.
It just sends something into my heart. Its as if there is this conversation God is having with creation around me. He’s giving orders, and everything turns out perfect.

I am beginning to love and appreciate my own story.
God has lifted me out of a lot of darkness in my life since I was a child. He’s always been right at my side.
My life has colors that I may not always appreciate looking back, but that are beautiful in God’s sight,
He was always the painter, He already knew what I would look like today.

I guess sometimes its like you have to mix a few colors to get other colors.
I think maybe the colors in my life, with each step towards the next day, month, year…
A new color was created, a new perspective.

God is truly creative in so many ways.

I know the important part of all is…
to remember who the painter is.

There’s my thought for now:)


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