LSOF: Deeper Still: sweet moments

” Live for the moments that you can’t put into words…” – Unknown

I came into this weekend very hesitant, a lot of fears, but with also a very overwhelmed heart.
I knew that actually getting to the conference would take a lot more strength than I had inside me,
and thankfully, God was the one who helped me keep pushing through. Every ridicule, Every heartache
that I experienced before getting on the plane to Bham….

My friend wrote me an email before going that said
simply, ” Showing up is the hardest part.”

I can honestly tell you, that was not just simple words from a friend, they were from God.
He wanted me to be there this past weekend.

Something about the air seemed different as a I got off the plane and stepped on to soil of Bham.
There was a strange stillness, and peace that I definitely did not expect.

At first, I was a little nervous because I had never been there before, and I didn’t know how someone went about getting a shuttle to the hotel. I actually considered walking…yep.
I did call the hotel, and I did wait outside for the shuttle to come.

While I waited, the doors open in front of me, and I see someone that looks a lot like Priscilla Shirer.
I said, “Priscilla?” and she looked up at me, and asked if I would be coming to the conference that night,
and as I said, ” Yes, wouldn’t miss it.” She said, ” I hope you enjoy the entire weekend.”

I got to the hotel, and first noticed one of my siestas Kim, I am starting to be comforted in the fact of when you see Kim,
then you are in the right place:) We said hello, and then I decided to go ahead and check-in until my Georgia Siestas came through.
” Oh, well, you aren’t listed as being in the room.” the person at the desk said to me. So in order to get into the room they needed my friends information.
I found a bathroom, and felt why not pass the time and get ready…Yes, I DID get ready in the hotel bathroom.

After I came out met up with a few more siestas. Then saw one of my favorite ladies,
Georgia Jan I was so happy to see her again. Jan has been through a lot of rough times with me, and I’m so grateful to God for it. So I spoke with her a few moments, and her sister as they got ready for their room. We later got to spend the day after that at the conference talking about some awesome things God did that weekend, and prayed together like old times:
Its a cool thing to be walking by someone though, and realize you know them like Fran Thomas She makes me smile.
Such a good heart, so compassionate…we even had a moment after the first night of the conference that we met up at 12:15am to chat. It’s a siesta thing, when God puts it on your heart to talk…you just do it. We were able to have some sweet moments to treasure from the weekend. Just having time to talk, it really makes a heart happy! We also prayed together, and it was good times:) And what we talked about Priscilla Shirer spoke on the next day!

Jenny, Stephanie, Angela, Lavonda, Nikki, Mary, Robyn, Valerie, Adrienne, Erin, Lori, Becky Jo, Pam and Paige…I think I got everyone:)…
its always so great to spend time with wonderful friends:)

I want so much to share another awesome thing that happened even before the conference began…however, I may fall into a puddle of tears, so I will just tell you that I got to spend some time with someone that I never met face to face before, and it felt like I’ve known them forever. We relate so much, and I know I will personally treasure that time always.
It’s good to meet friends face to face that you didn’t know were your friends until you actually sit down and have a conversation. It was so great! It’s people like that whose kindness helps you not to be afraid to share your heart with others. I am glad God has brought friends like that into my life:)

After I met with this person I met up with Steph, Lavonda, and Dori at the doors of the conference.
Such a fun times just even standing together….conversations are fun…until you realize boots are not meant for standing..
like I realized.
It was all good though, because as soon as worship started…those boots came off!
I don’t know what it is, maybe I take the scripture, ” Take off your shoes, the place you are standing
is Holy ground.” to heart…I ALWAYS take my shoes off for worship. It just sets me to “free” mode.

So if you are reading this and you saw some girl walking around in her socks…I’m THAT girl!:)

Kay Arthur got up and spoke first. I remember Deeper Still 2009, and she blew us away with a teaching on the ENTIRE book of Hebrews. I completely thought that I would be prepared for whatever that lady had up her sleeve to share….
and I wasn’t, she literally taught the ENTIRE book of Matthew. A book I THOUGHT I knew well.
Kay Arthur has been given a gift by God to smack “what you did know” out of your head and see it all from a new perspective.

If you don’t believe me…wait until the notes go up:) You’ll see!:)

So that was Day 1…in one day my heart was changed…it was craving a deeper relationship with Jesus.

I will share the next day soon!

5 thoughts on “LSOF: Deeper Still: sweet moments

  1. So very glad and happy, Angie. Prayed that God would be with you and bless you this weekend! Praising Him for all He has done…and for the precious treasures you have of friendship and prayer with sisters in Christ.

    With Love,

  2. So very happy!!!! I just wish that 12:15 conversation had no end limits. I wish we could have just talked and talked and talked. You are a treasure. ((hugs))

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