LSOF: The Undivided Heart

We all are given different lives, and different talents. We all have unique areas of ability and strength.
God made us this way to be able to embrace the differences of others in our lives, and we meet along the way.

But our differences are unique to us, the person we meet today may not have a clue to what we’ve been through, and what we are good at…what our passions really are. And that’s OKAY.

I was reading Psalm 86:11-13 the other day, and specifically this part of the Psalm really spoke to me, and even with a situation surrounding my life right now:

Psalm 86:11-13

Teach me your way, LORD,
that I may rely on your faithfulness;
give me an undivided heart,
that I may fear your name.
I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart;
I will glorify your name forever.
For great is your love toward me;
you have delivered me from the depths,
from the realm of the dead.

” Give me an UNDIVIDED heart…”

There are several different ways we could probably try to analyze this verse, but I’m just going to go with what is speaking to me.

Our time, Our passions, Our lives…they are on a different side from another’s. We might sometimes be able to walk across and see apart of another’s life, get to know their heart, and what they are
about, and what interests them…but we cannot stay on their side.
God has a separate plan for them, and for us.

Our time, Our passions, Our lives….where we stand we have to
remind ourselves that God wants us far away from that ravine as

The ravine is the ” divided heart”.

He wants ours to be complete.

He has to know that we are ready to lose everything in our lives, go after what really is important for US to do and accomplish.
We can’t spend our time wrapped up in others lives, talents and passions…

Our time, Our passions, Our lives…they have a voice of REASON in
this world.
And that voice will drown out by the loudness of anothers life in
front of us.

I have met many people over the years. I have seen lives with far more difference than my own, and I have met people who have had such a similar life to mine that I felt like i was looking in the mirror
of my own life.

Our time, Our passions, Our lives…they will have their own reflection.
We see what we want to in another’s life…its called perspective.

I think it was Andy Stanley who said, ” What you put your time and attention to, will become your god.”

We can’t allow ourselves to let importance and value come from who we ” think” we should be,
Our importance and value has to come from who God WANTS us to be.

” Lord, help me to do what I need to do, to be who I need to be for You.”
I’ve said this prayer over and over…its specific and its with intention that He hears it!

God has moved me far away from that ravine. He did it first by taking away the link to the other side of it.

I’m not going to concentrate on, ” Should ofs or could ofs…”
Should-of and Could-of…they link to regret. And I don’t regret the plan God has for me.

It’s about just turning the direction He wants us to move…and MOVE.

God is constant, but our lives will change.

He already knows what He has planned, and He wants our hearts to be inline with that.
He wants us to stop running backwards, but instead chase after our future.

And sometimes we are going to go on this road on faith alone…and not meet a single soul for miles.
And that’s okay too.

We need to keep our hearts undivided….we need to believe He is faithful in every promise He’s given.
We need to trust that He has a plan, and we need to trust the way He goes about it.

Seasons are meant to change,
and we are apart of them.

In Jesus Name.

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