Hello everyone:

I’ve decided it would be best to close the blog for a month or so.
I’ve taken a lot of thought and prayer in this, and due to some question of my character recently, I felt it was best to stay quiet for a little bit. Out of respect of the situation at hand, and out of care.
I want everyone to know that its always first important to me for my heart to be in the same place as where I place words on a post.
Right now, I just have to take sometime and be still.
I never want the humanity of who I am to overcome the words God wants to speak through me.
I appreciate your patience. If you need to contact me, please feel free to email me and I will get back in touch with you.

Blessings to you and see y’all in a month!


One thought on “STILL…

  1. I am so sad, but understand your need to take time. If anyone ever questioned your heart, I would be the first one to go after that person, in a christian way, of course. Your last few posts have meant so much to me that I forwarded them to 10-15 girls who are close to me. Almost everyone wowed about how the Lord had anointed your heart that day. Take all the time you ned but if you feel his hand on your back girl, you write it! Would love to talk more but its crazy around here next few days… I have ben so blessed by God through your posts. Keep them coming! Y’all, we should respond more too!

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