LSOF: A time to reflect on April 20, 1999

There are many events that can happen over the course of our lives that can affect us, and change
our perspective on the world we live in.
When I was a senior in high school…the shooting at Columbine affected my heart all the way from Florida.

I know its been 12 years, but I am someone that takes time to reflect on this anniversary every year,
not only because it was a huge event in the history of school in our nation, but because my life was changed through a heart that died that day.

Rachel Joy Scott.
I never knew her, but I can honestly tell you, I am sure we would have been friends.
She and I were so alike. I honestly believe that I am more secure in my faith in God,
because of Rachel’s influence.

She was a writer like me. She had a hard time with people, just like me. She had a personal relationship
with God, yet was misunderstood…JUST LIKEME.

I have a cool story of how much my life was impacted by this young girl. She would never know how
much God would use her life to impact others.

This is apart of the 30 Days Of Faith project from last year…but I think its worth sharing again:)

Faith and Knowing Mercy

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