LSOF: The Perception Of Treasure

I am sure you have often heard of the quote, ” I wish I knew then, what I know now.”
Let’s talk about how much regret is apart of that statement.

I was driving home today from the car dealership. My car is just about done with its lives, and so I am preparing to purchase a new one. I have never gone by myself to purchase a car. I wanted to know what it involved.
I wanted to know how much I had to put down. I wanted to know how much I would get for my car.
I wanted to know if my credit would be good enough with the money I wanted to put down.
And this is something I realized 10 years ago…I would not even know how to ask.

It’s interesting how thousands of dollars seems so little now compared to when I was a child
and was satisfied with being given $5.

Our perception of treasure changes with age, it changes with circumstance, and it changes with seasons.

I have to apologize because I never did post my notes from Beth Moore at Deeper Still in December.
Her message was all about ” Rediscovering lost treasure.” and it was a beautiful message,
hit all the way into my soul.

Somethings she said that really hit me was how much in our circumstances we should realize that we have treasure. When she spoke about her father with tears in her eyes, and how she said that even though the years were rough and she didn’t remember the last time she held his hand…

There was treasure there.

We have to stop looking at our lives as if they are going to pass us by. We need to see our days like we are in search of treasure everyday. We need to see people, and the lives we live as if we were being handed gold.
Something so precious and beautiful. Something so fragile, and full of value.

Sometimes it IS hard. But just making that effort…makes all the difference.

And finally finding treasure in the seasons we come to face with…
I am right with you in knowing how HARD that is to take on each day. When the earth seems to have
stood still, and your feet feel planted on the ground like concrete…
When you feel a whisper from inside you say…” Wait…”
Your heart feels lost, your thoughts are scattered…you just concentrate on surviving each day…

It’s treasure. Its BEAUTIFUL treasure that you cannot imagine how much value it has…until after the season has passed.

Wherever you are, Whatever situation you find yourself in, and whatever season has overtaken your life…
Your treasure is found with God.

He is at your side. He is there through every moment of everyday, Through every circumstance,
and every season…

Your treasure is the light of the sky, the sight of the flowers, its all of creation…
its also inside of you.

Hold on to that treasure tight, and cherish it.

This life is only temporary…enjoy every part of it.

2 thoughts on “LSOF: The Perception Of Treasure

  1. Love this post about treasure – that your moments should be spent looking for treasure. There was a time when i was very good at looking for treasure. I would pick out the person that so many rejected and look for the treasure in that person. A woman I used to work with ALWAYS had a frown on her face. It turned my co-workers off. I gave her attention, and looked for her treasure, and she blessed me by sharing hidden treasure with me. Turns out she was a Christian, and no one knew it. A troubled one, doubtless, but a Christian nonetheless. It turned out that I could take her by the hand and lead her forward with more confidence into her workworld. And wouldn’t you know one of the loveliest treasures I found in her was her smile. It lit up the room when it finally came out.
    Thank you for the reminder that this treasure is everywhere. I hope now to go on a treasure hunt!!!! 🙂

    • Hi Gigi:) Thanks for stopping over…Believe me I know exactly what you mean. It’s hard to see treasure in circumstances and things we deal with in life, and I KNOW what you mean about the person you work with…
      I think lately my job is showing me that I too, have missed more treasure than I have realized was already in my possession! i LOVE how God teaches us through several different ways…He is so creative:) I hope you have a wonderful Easter:)

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