LSOF: I’m back!!!

Hi everyone!!!

I just had to stop in to say hello, and ask how’s life? 🙂

I can’t even tell you how happy my fingers are to hit this computer keyboard.
It’s funny, because I use a computer all day at work…
this is just different.

I love my little blog, and I love to share with just everyday steps of faith with you,
and just ramble…I do that best.

I do believe that something divine kept me from communicating on this blog, and for a good almost two weeks I also had no voice, and for one whole day…I had no iphone to text.

I believe it was purpose of helping me to understand the perspective of the pit.

I will help you to do that to in the coming posts.

So let me get my brain organized a little, and then you shall find a post soon!

Hope y’all are well-




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