LSOF: Standing Out

My heart speaks of being different
My heart speaks of making a difference
My heart speaks of being deep
My heart speaks of finding depth in a shallow world.


In a nutshell I am a ball of emotion wrapped up gently in depth of character.
I always have my heart right in my pocket, I do nothing without thinking of how it might
affect the entire world around me.
I can’t stand to see people hurting, and I can’t stand to not be able to in someway reach out and touch them.
I was raised to reach out, but not in a physical sense.
As a matter of fact, it would be like pulling teeth to get me to serve in any capacity.
It wasn’t my thing…I thought maybe it was a selfish thing..
but I’ve learned to see…it wasn’t what I was called to.

I was called to serve YES, but not in a way that couldn’t come natural.

It’s hard for me to physically go and help someone, because of years of watching a loved one in pain and feeling hopeless because no matter how much I did it just never was enough…but that’s me, and that is something I will overcome…


I am a writer…if you couldn’t tell…and what I can’t go and do to help someone I write for them instead. It might not seem huge to you, but believe me…I know the impact it has…People just sometimes need to be reminded how much God loves them, and how much they really are not alone.

Sometimes people need to be reminded that grace and mercy exist.


I took a class called, ” Community Arise,” and it is about preparing to take the route to being on a response team.

There are two different ways to serve you can be an Emergency Response, or you can be Spiritual Response.

I love to be there for others, but I am horrible at building anything…

I am going to serve and be a SRT: Spiritual Response Team.

My job will be to go and pray with those who face natural disasters and just need prayers of hope,
and know it never left God’s sight.

For a wounded heart that still faces her own disasters of the past at times, I am very excited to be apart of something that can make such an impact.


If you want to find a way to serve this Valentines’ Day, you can from where you stand…
Write the word LOVE on your arm, because it is in support of this…

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