Poem: What we behold now


What we behold now

My eyes see differently now.
The structure of how I’ve known
Everything to be,
Has built walls,
Higher than I could imagine.
And twisting staircase
reaching to up to high towers,
Make me question it’s sanity.
Truth distorted.
Ignorance rewarded.
Voices just bounce off ceilings
as mere echoes.
My thoughts direct me
To the floor.
What is this foundation,
Where is it all built from?
Black and white wisdom,
No longer accepted.
We cannot begin to understand
The direction of the wind,
Or where rain will fall…
Storms can come and never
Leave one drop.
Everyone feels they need a reason
Billion times two,
But last I checked,
The sky is still blue,
The ocean still vast and carrying
Creatures so far in its depths
Never to see sunlight
Never to be found.
The hidden things have their reason,
Just as truth,
Doesn’t need

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