LSOF: The Stubborn Christian

I’m prone to whining. Maybe you and I share this “lovely” quality.

I whine most to God when He changes things in areas of my life that I was perfectly content with them being the way they were. Okay, maybe I don’t just whine, maybe its an all out temper tantrum.

I can admit this.

We have all been there.

When I saw this verse in Isaiah 43:19 out of the Voice Bible, a few months ago, I knew God was about to do something huge in my life.

(Isaiah 43:19, The Voice) –“ Watch closely; I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I speak, and you’re about to see it.  I am preparing a new way through the desert; Waters will flow where there had been none.”

I think looking back at this verse I probably read, “ I am preparing something new…” and then I would have completely tuned out the rest of it. And I think it comes down to that sometimes we can be content with our deserts. We may thirst and we may hunger, but sometimes its just easier than trying a different journey than the one we might have been on before.

I’ve seen a lot of “new” stuff happen in me though through these times.  I’m at a place that doesn’t feel so much like, “ preparing,” as the prior season I was in before. I would say if I had to explain this season, that it would definitely be, “ movement,” to which why I believe Isaiah 43:19 really works here.

My desert is starting to fill with waters that are fresh and that are very deep.  I don’t quite recognize the person I am yet as I observe everything around me, and as I learn more.  I think that as “movement” continues to happen, that there will be more “discovery” along the way.

What I’m learning is we might whine a lot to God when He changes the scenery around us, but we forget about the scenery He is creating inside of us.

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