LSOF: ” In the quiet, In the stillness…”


I’m sitting here with the song, “ None but Jesus,” by Hillsong United on repeat.  Sometimes I do this to help bring clarity to what I am to write.  I love being washed by worship music, it just does something to my heart that nothing else can on earth.

There has been a lot of “too quiet” moments over the past few months.  I have had really sad and lonely moments when I knew there was not one person that could truly understand what I was going through.  I look back on it now, and I realize that I needed that time.  I needed to learn to seek His face through it, so when the time came that I would then face myself, I could seek Him first.

I love writing. I have truly missed it. God just uses it to help make sense of what life looks like around me.  The brand new, and the scary. My flesh has truly been on edge, and my anxiety has been higher than I can remember.

Life has changed me, and now God is helping me adjust to the reflection I see now.

In the quiet, and in the stillness…He meets with my heart, and has conversation that my heart could only translate by tears. I am being freed from my comfort zone. I’m letting go of the old, and fighting to trust Him in all of it.

Transformed and living each day under the shadow of His wings, and His alone.

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