LSOF: Blog post number 501!


It occured to me this morning as I took a glance at my number of posts…and um, I reached #500 yesterday!
I would say its either a very exciting accomplishment, or I just write too much:)

Anyhow, I decided to tune down the appearance a little bit. I am in the process of reinventing somethings in life right now,
and it just helps where everythingelse is ” a clean slate”.

First things first…I DID get a job yesterday:)
It is such a relief to finally be employed again:)

This weekend I am planning for a great time. I am driving to the otherside of Georgia to meet up with some very special ladies at ” So Long, Insecurity” conference with Beth Moore.

I have met a few of these gals before, but this is the big deal of the year:)
So many of them coming, I have known who they were in blogworld since 2006, but never met them face to face!

So I am beyond excited!- It will be such a time to remember:)

I am then going to take a mini trip to Nashville to see some other sweet people and experience that beautiful place for
a little bit.

We should all take little trips like these sometimes, just get away and take it in:) This one has been planned since October, and I KNOW it is going to be a blast!

Anyway, so this is what I spent my time talking about on my #501 post…I’m sorry:)

Fran, Jenny, Teri, Beckyjo, Abby, Lindsee, Kate, Tammy, Angela, Nikki, Lisa, Janice, Jan, Steph, Kim, Robyn, Pam and etc LOL,…I’ll see you soon!

And thanks to Amanda Jones, and Beth Moore for creating LPM blog, because of it, there are lasting friendships that
never would have happened had it not been for the blog:)

Oh, and THANKS for making ” So Long, Insecurity” too Beth!- It’s been a life-changing book and I am praying like crazy that lives are changed!


LSOF: Deeperstilled…

Over a year ago, I attended ” Living Proof Live” with Beth Moore.

I got to meet some wonderful people, hear a good word, and just bask in the presence of God.

But my heart did not attend that conference that day.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in emotion of things.

It’s easy to sing songs, and shout out a few “amens” and ” hallelujahs”, but all of all of it is just

” going through the motions” unless your relationship with Jesus is solid.

Mine at the time was not.

A warning to you dear friends; you can be ” going through the motions” and never realize you are doing it!

I did however have a good friend reach out to me. Georgia Jan was standing behind me at the conference. We prayed together, and she told me to ” get out” of the religion that I was entangled in. I can’t believe to this day that I even told her about it. I wrote a letter to Living Proof telling them of my experience and how I was a changed person after the conference and blah,blah, blah.

So I look back on that letter, and that prayer time with Jan, and in my heart I knew

I had lied to myself, and to them.

It wasn’t a lie I recognized though, it was a lie that made me instead just quit blogging, and ignoring facebook messages, and

text messages from my siestas.

Eventually, I did fall back into the religious cult I was into before.

Because my way out wouldn’t be through a conference, or a prayer with a friend…

My way out was only through GRACE alone, and I think this bares repeating,

Beth Moore is amazing, and my friend Jan is amazing..and all those from my church who told me to stay away from the religious cult I heard them speak…but inside I didn’t understand what was going on from the inside or the outside of me.

It wasn’t until I was on the floor curled up in tears that I saw Jesus again, face to face; but getting to that point was a long journey.

Deeper Still was an seriously phenomenal conference, but it had nothing to do with Kay, Priscilla, Beth or my siestas and friends I saw while I was there…

I received a very sweet phone call a few days before the conference, and it so blessed me.

I heard Ephesians 3:20-21 in my heart after the call.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

The funny thing was, I heard the verse, but I was so used to hearing it and saying it, that I lost focus on what the true message of it was!

I gave a list already of the people I got to meet and see at the conference, but let me just tell you that it was as if God had planned a special day for me, as in like a spiritual party to show me how proud He was of me for sticking with it, after hitting rock bottom a good 7 months ago.

” God’s word is alive and active and sharper than any two-edge sword” OH AMEN TO THAT!

Priscilla got up to speak, and I am all thinking to myself, ” Oh this will be a good message.” And I can say to you now how much that was an underestimate! God BLEW me away with her message, which interesting enough didn’t have to do with a few verses here and there from Ephesians but EPHESIANS 3:20-21!!!!

Ya, I was a bit floored, and I felt those tears rise up in my eyes.

Oh Jesus, and your surprises:) I love you!

At the end of the conference it was the sweetest thing that God did for me. I of course had already spent sometime chatting with Shelly and Jan, and seeing many other wonderful people; prayed with my friend Alli….just so much good time.

But meeting Beth Moore, that was a very special moment for me. It was almost as if God was standing right there saying to me, ” Okay, Angie, I have one more thing I would like to bless you with today.” When she processed who I was, I saw her face light up, and if I wasn’t in shock I probably would have cried. I watched so many other people reach out to hug her neck, but she was the one to reach out and hug mine. Something I will never forget.

Thank you for the wonderful presents Jesus:)

I don’t know how many of you went to the conference with some uncertainty of what God had for your life, or if you even knew Jesus at all, but I can tell you if your heart is 100% solid for Him, and you don’t worry about what others have to say about the faith you have, and let me just place emphasis on ” YOUR FAITH” then God will bless you and have a Bible verse stalk you to a conference you attend.

I loved Kay and Beth’s messages too. Beth’s message on ” Spiritual Discernment” really hit home for this girl, because I have been THROUGH it.

We have to love with smart eyes, we can’t just let ourselves trust everyone on the planet or we will get hurt. Even if someone says they are a Christian, they can still be ” a wolf in sheeps clothing.” I have encountered that being in the deep religious cult I was apart of for 6 months of my life. These people told me they loved me, and that they would always be there for me…I was told to get rid of my ” Christian” stuff.

But the one true God stood up, and He helped me to get rid of it from my life.

So I ask you to please just hear me on something, next time you go to church, or a conference or whatever it may be,

make sure you have had sometime with Jesus first, make sure you KNOW who Jesus is.

Because our heart can deceive us as soon as the enemy shares his message notes.

Me and Shelly(To Know Him)

This is Shelly(To Know Him) She was the first person to ever comment on my blog:) LONG TIME AGO:) I was glad to finally meet her face to face!

I was only 10 seats away at this time LOL.
I was only 10 seats away at this time LOL.
Me and Georiga Jan

This is an old pic of me and Georgia Jan, unfortunately it was too crazy to have a new one taken...Love you Jan!


Deeper Still Orlando from Kris Seidenkranz on Vimeo.

Beth Moore, ” Spiritual Discernment” Deeper Still 9-19-09

Beth Moore
Spiritual Discernment
(Deeper Still notes)

John 14:15-26, John 16:7

The power is not only around us, but in us.

Agape- Love that is demonstrative, emotional love

1 Corinthians – Activate in the reality of experience.

Spiritual Discernment is for a time when you have been:
taken advantage of

2 Timothy 3:12-13

We always do before we know what to do

Ephesians 3:20

Two dimensions of spiritual revelation we desperately need to have:

1- In our human encounters
2- Can I trust what I am sensing?

Here are four question we can ask ourselves:

1. Am I critical or suspicious by nature?
2. Am I jealous or feel threatened by this person?
3. Do I have anything selfish to gain from the outcome?
4. Are my emotions clouding my discernment?

Phillipians 1:9-10

Learn to love others with knowledge and insight.

2 Timothy 3

Do not confuse living people without the discernment to back away from them.

2 Timothy 3:6

We gotta learn to go with our spiritual gut.
We can’t walk in the spirit without walking in intimacy.

Show me a Godly woman I’ll show you a woman who persued Godliness.

Did the spirit within me remain steadfast?

If not, here are 1-4 instructions

1. RUN
2. Take a step back
3. Ask questions in person, face to face!
4. Love with eyes wide open

Obadiah 1:3
” The pride in your heart has deceived you.”

Psalm 116
John 14

Divine revelation in Christ Himself

1 Corinthians 2
Hebrews 12:1-4

I am FLOORED!!! Thank God for DeeperStill!!!

okay so, I have SOOO much I would love to share in my heart right now, but I am just so overwhelmed, and speechless pretty much, so what I am just going to say is for now just what sweet people I got to see and meet:)

Mama Moonflower-Jan(Georgia Jan), my dear friend again:)- I so missed her, and I was so glad to see her again. There are some people that enter your life for God’s very moving purpose, and she has been one of them:) I was glad for the time of conversation:) Love her!

My sweet friend Shelly(To Know Him)- If y’all don’t know this girl, she is so sweet! she is the greek and hebrew translation guru:)
It was really nice to meet her, she is a long time siesta like myself, and meeting her face to face, it just was awesome:)
It showed me a true friend:) and I am blessed to know her! Love you Shells!

A siesta named Daimy:) She was sweet!

Tim Wolfe, a friend of mine whose on Z88.3- I have known this guy since 2001:) He was the one that quoted me,
” When Jesus is all you have Jesus is all you need.” and it was great to just spend a few talking to him again;)

Pam and Paige from Lifeway Events:)- They are busy people:) but it was great to meet them!

Amanda Ober(Channel 6 news)- I remember Amanda from when I worked at the drycleaners in Orlando long ago, we got talking about doing Beth Moore studies, and just talking about Jesus:) It was cool.

My friend Alli from when I worked at Victorias Secret- It was like a needle in haystack she was like across the next seats from me:) A good friend of mine, who has had the same struggles as myself over the years, and we are always trying to meet up, and she just happened to be at Deeper Still:)

My friend Allison from highschool:)

OH, did I forgot to mention I met Beth Moore? Oh, sorry about that!-
She is so precious, and she handled that mob of people so graciously, but through
the crowd, It was a blessing to know she knew who I was:) Not in a million years
would I have thought she would! So blessed!

I am just going to say a word of scripture here, because when I finally do post, this is the verse that is so on my heart after listening to the conference today.

My memory verse#3 (Isaiah 40:26)
” Lift your eyes and look to the heavens; who created all these? He who bring out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name, because of his great power and mighty strength not one of them is missing.”

God knows us, maybe the world doesn’t, but God does…and He will let those in on knowing who you are:)
This weekend proved that!

More to come and the notes:)

LSOF: Scripture Memorization #18


I chose this verse, because I have been learning a lot of what it is to be the ” branch” within the ” vine” which
can be found in John 15. But more so it was just so important that I found a scripture that repeated the same sort of tone to my heart.

This is the verse meant for us 20 somethings who are almost 30 somethings:) Because a couple verses below sort of start out,
” Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young.” YEA, I no longer fit into that verse:)

So anyway, as I was saying it is really important once you know that you are bearing fruit, that you learn how to keep it growing and flourishing.

I got to meet with a very special friend I haven’t seen in almost 2 yrs today. And in conversation, I had realized how much of a jump God has taken me since my falling into the pit about a year ago.

I remember very much what Priscilla Shirer was saying about God, ” Sometimes He speaks, but we don’t know it until after.”
OH that is So true!

I love this verse though because it speaks first about training ourselves to be Godly and not going by any other avenue. Things such as ” new age” stuff. While this stuff may make us feel ” enlightened” for a few days, it DOES where off and the issue that we had before within in ourselves, or around us comes back with more force then before.

I have been on a roundabout with this. ” Self-help” should be a warning to you when you go into that book section;
think of it as saying, ” You can help yourself before ever turning to this section for help.” Self- help deals with the status quo,
how things have always been ” known” to be done. The message is usually always close to the same.

” You can have a better life if you do this, You can have a better job if you do this, You can have the love of your life walk through your door if you do this…”

Something you should know, something that makes faith so much different from ” Self-help”…God doesn’t have any conditions in place for us.

You will never hear Him say, ” I will love you if you do this..” He already loves us, He already knows the plans He has for us.
I am very certain of that.

Its important to always be real with yourself. Who cares what kind of ” issues” you have.

Embrace your imperfections, because it means that God is still working on you.

He is our gardner, He is lifting us up bit by bit out of our pits, and setting us on a better foundation to grow.

I’d rather Him be the one in charge of how I ” should” grow then myself.

Besides, I don’t think I could ever create the world in 7 days…probably if given the choice I would mess it up at the first try!

And I am okay in saying that!

Grow to love Him more!

LSOF: Scripture Memory Verse #17! and also included #16…


I moved away from the NIV for this verse:) I used NKJ 🙂

There is a song, ” Let my words be few” that is such a favorite:)
I am moved so much by music, and I am so excited when I find the lyrics used
from scripture:)

Have a fabulous day:)


Scripture Memory Verse #16
(Sorry I didn’t realize it wasn’t posted!)

Numbers 6:24-26

“The LORD bless you
and keep you;
the LORD make his face shine upon you
and be gracious to you;
the LORD turn his face toward you
and give you peace.

” A Story Of Faith” : Based on Beth Moore’s ” Believing God” character; Angela.

A Story Of Faith
Part 1
By: Angie Sarich

This is a story about the girl named, “ Angela” in Beth Moore’s “ Believing God” session 2.

I was given permission to include it within this story.  So copying this would be illegal.

I hope you enjoy it:)

Faith was at her wits end with life. She was delirious and practically incoherent. Switching between
Her morning alcohol and her “ vitamins” as she called the narcotics. The scars on her arms only tell half of her story. The scars on the inside were too painful and heartbreaking to bring to the surface.
She lost her identity somewhere on the subway, and she lost her purity at some college party.
Every promise anyone ever made in her life was broken. She was like a ripple in the sea, just another face to add to the world, but veered as much out of sight as possible. To be invisible meant she didn’t have to share her heart with anyone, it meant she didn’t have to share her past.

She walked into the lit alley, still high from the drugs she was given by a “ friend”. The air was freezing, and she barely had enough layers to her clothing. “ I just want all of it to end.”
She said to herself, as she slowly continued grasping her heels into the concrete.

She grabbed a cigarette out of her purse, and lit it. Feeling dizzy, she made her way over to the curb to sit down, and began to cry.

Out of the darkness a figure appears. Faith doesn’t notice, or really care.
The moon shadows over a young girl. She is not much older than Faith.
She stands behind her.

“ Excuse me, but are you okay, can I help you?” the young girl asks.

Faith pulls herself out of the palms of her hands, and looks up at the girl.
She gives her a irritated look, and stumbles to her feet.
The young girl backs away, and Faith starts down the sidewalk again.

The young girl sees the condition Faith is in, and knows she does need help.

“ Listen, I’m sorry. It’s just that you were sitting where I sleep.”
She sits down on the curb, and pulls out some items out of her backpack,
Faith looks back to see the items the girl pulls out of a little bag.
A book, and a pencil.

The young girls appearance shocks her. She feels her throat develop a lump,
as she asks, “ You, you sleep here.”

The young girl smiles and nods. The small torn book sits her hands.

Faith goes back and sits by the girl.
“ Do you need something to eat, or a place to eat, or something?”

She digs through her pockets and handbag looking for some loose change,
And finds some broken crackers.

The young girl pretends she doesn’t hear what Faith asked.

“ Its quite comfortable isn’t it?” she pats the curb, and opens the book in her lap.

Faith sits there looking at the girl in confusion and amazement.
“ Huh.”

The young girl puts her hand out to Faith, “ My name is Grace.”
Faith shakes her hand and shares her name as well.

“ Its beautiful isn’t it?” Grace looks up into the night sky at all the stars.

Faith agrees.

As they both just sit there with no words, she can’t help but think that this is the first conversation she had with someone that didn’t result in an argument or physical fight.

“ So why were you crying?” Grace turns her head to ask.

Faith puts her head down.

“ Its okay, you don’t have to tell me.” She answers.

Faith pushes her emotions down into her stomach.