LSOF: Scripture Memory Verse #12!!!


It’s 80 degrees outside, and its 10:22am. Nough said:)

This bible verse came to my heart actually reading the book, ” Boundaries”.

My heart is actually kind of full with this memory verse actually, and I know another siesta
I spoke to this week would agree fully from her own heart.

AND…I didn’t realize it, but its the same Psalm apart of another memory verse that I memorized around Easter, and also that our dear siesta Bev told me spoke to her during her catscan.

Bev, I don’t know if you are reading this, but as I started typing, Olivia-Newton John was just on Rachael Ray’s show. I never watch the show, but when I saw Olivia…I thought of you.

So again, God has given me a verse to show me His Word isn’t about being memorized, but living out
what I read.

I’ll say more on this later, but for now:) There is my #12 verse!