“No Tears Passed This Gate”: kat’s poem

No Tears Passed This Gate
By: Katherine Bagocki
(Inspired by: Precious Moments)

There once was a boy names Johnny
Johnny was always sad
He always had a tear in his eye
This boy was never glad
Johnny had always been like this
Since that day
That one horrible day
When his little sister passed away.

There’s no tears passed this gate
This gate that leads to heaven
There’s no tears passed this gate
Because His love He’s given
Everythings going to be ok
You will live eternally
There’s no tears
Passed this gate.

Sara was very happy
In this place that she was
She had everything she wanted
She had His love
She looked down at Johnny
Into his pleading eyes
So the Lord sent her down
In a disguise
To say…

Chorus again

She looked up at Johnny
He looked down at his shoes
She reached out and took his hand
and said
“There’s nothing to lose.”