LSOF: Verse Memorization #6…I updated it, because I was TOO early:)


I LOVE this verse, I am so ecstatic for the fact I searched for it early, and MEMORIZED it even before it was time:) It has spoken to me through the wind, through the sunshine, through a long work day…it has just been PRESENT in my week:) AND that is what the WORD is supposed to do:)

I have written 6 verses so far in my prayer journal and notecards around my room:) Its been amazing:)

I would love to have been present when this verse was written in the Bible…can you imagine what could have been seen? What time of day it was, What the weather was like? What was going on around him?

I guess I’ll add it to my list of questions to ask our all powerful Creator when I get to heaven;)

Have a great day!